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The 2007 United States National Aerobatic Championships

Grayson County Airport (KGYI), Sherman/Denison, Texas

Sunday, September 23 - Saturday, September 29, 2007


Jeff Boerboon wins Advanced

Jeff Boerboon prevailed for a fourth time flying his Extra 300 in the second Advanced unknown. This makes Jeff the undisputed winner of the Advanced National Championship having taken first place on all four flights. Jeff defeated a field of thirty-three competitors. Placing after Jeff overall are Todd Whitmer, Hector Ramirez, Patrick Clark, Rob Holland, Norm DeWitt, Brian Dierks, Craig Dobesh, Alex Land, and Malcolm Pond.

Winners in all categories of the 2007 United States Nationals are:

Unlimited Power
Vicki Cruse, Michael Racy, and Goody Thomas
Unlimited Glider
Jason Stephens and Klein Gilhousen
Jeff Boerboon, Todd Whitmer, Hector Ramirez
Intermediate Power
Kevin Campbell, Bill Denton, Tom Adams
Intermediate Glider
Mark Matticola, Matt Taraborelli, Patrick Smiley
Sportsman Power
Joe Haycraft, Jerry Benham, John Ostmeyer
Sportsman Glider
Jacob Allen, Andrew Davis, Paul Jennings
Jeremiah Brown, Eric Platt, Rick Nutt

Intermediate to Campbell, Haycraft sweeps Sportsman

A weak occluded front over southern Oklahoma and northern Texas transformed into a cold front and moved south Thursday morning, leaving some showers at Grayson County Airport and the U.S. Nationals. Weather cleared for the remainder of the day with light wind from the east.

Advanced had the day off as Primary, Sportsman, and Intermediate completed their flights. Intermediate power overall goes to Kevin Campbell, Bill Denton, and Tom Adams. Bill, Kevin, and Mike Pyler took first, second, and third on the free program flight.

Sportsman power overall goes to Joe Haycraft, Jerry Benham, and John Ostmeyer. Joe Haycraft made a clean sweep of all three flights. Second and third for the free went to Michael Montgmery and Andrew Bochnovic. Second and third for flight three went to John Ostmeyer and Andrew Bochnovic. Sportsman was tightly contested for second place with Jerry Benham, John Ostmeyer, Michael Montgomery, Joe Stockhausen, and Andrew Bochnovic within eight points, two tenths of a percent.

Primary power went to Jeremiah Brown followed by Eric Platt and Rick Nutt. Eric won first place on flight two and third place on flight three. Jeremiah was first on flight three and second on flight two.

In gliders, the Sportsman free went to Jacob Allen, Paul Jennings, and Andrew Davis. Phillip Wilson was a close fourth. Paul did not do well enough to overtake Andrew in the final standings, which show Jacob Allen in first, followed by Andrew Davis, Paul Jennings, and Phillip Wilson. The Intermediate glider free program shows Mark Matticola well ahead of Patrick Smiley, Matt Taraborelli, and Erich Kunrath. Mark overtook Matt in the final standings.

Unlimited glider went to Jason Stephens, who trounced Klein Gilhousen in the unknown flight.

Friday will fly the second unknown flight for Advanced to select the U.S. World Team. Unlimited pilots will fly their Four Minute Free to close the contest. Conditions are fair with light winds and cooler temparatures.

Boerboon Sweeps, Cruse holds on

Wednesday brought scattered to broken ceilings low over the box. Wind calmed down to eight knots, though it peaked at twelve mid-afternoon, blowing from the north in the morning, then east, then southeast in late afternoon. Flying continued to finish the Advanced first unknown, followed by the Intermediate unknown, Unlimited unknown, and part of the Sportsman free.

This being the Advanced team selection year, everyone's watching Advanced. Jeff Boerboon continues to dominate, taking first in the first unknown for a sweep of the first three flights. Placing after Jeff on the first unknown are Todd Whitmer in second with Rob Holland and Hector Ramirez close on his tail. Fifth place went to Malcolm Pond, followed by Doug Sowder, Patrick Clark, and Craig Dobesh.

Jeff Boerboon leads Advanced overall with about a one hundred fifty point margin over second place Todd Whitmer. Hector Ramirez is third to Todd by only eleven points, followed by Patrick Clark. Two tenths of a percent separate Patrick from Hector. Rob Holland, the comeback kid, has clawed his way up from twentieth on the known to fifth place overall by his third place showing on the first unknown. Malcolm Pond, Craig Dobesh, and Doug Bartlett round out the top eight slots.

The Intermediate power unknown brought a whole new set of names to the top, except for Kevin Campbell who has first on the known and second on the unknown. Bill Denton placed first on the unknown and Tom Adams placed third. Bill's flight was enough to bring him up to second place overall, followed by Tom Adams, Randy Wolfe, and Erica Hoagland. Kevin has the first place slot by less than ninety points. There is less than a two hundred point spread from first place to fifth place. That is about two percent.

The boys are back in Unlimited power. Robert Armstrong took first on the first unknown followed by Hubie Tolsen and Goody Thomas. Leader Vicki Cruse took sixth, but held on to first place overall by twenty-five points over Michael Racy. Goody Thomas has climbed to third and Robert Armstrong to fourth. The top four competitors are within one hundred points, less than a one percent spread.

Vicki Cruse in First Unlimited Power

Tuesday brought mixed weather, off-and-on again flying as nearby thunderstorms sent occasional low scud and rain into the aerobatic box. Wind started out stiff again, thirteen knots from the south, moving through the day through the west to north and calming down.

Weather delayed the schedule only slightly. The Intermediate Free, Primary Known, and Sportsman Known all flew to completion. The Advanced Unknown 1 program is about halfway flown at this time.

Results are now online for all completed flights. Vicki Cruse took first place on the Unlimited Free flight with enough points to move her to first place overall. Michael Racy and David Martin redeemed the men, taking second and third in the Unlimited Free. Overall in Unlimited we have Vicki Cruse, Michael Racy, and Debby Rihn-Harvey in that order.

Still looking at power, Sportsman has the perennial Joe Haycraft well ahead in first. The next fifteen pilots are all within one hundred points. John Ostmeyer and Joe Stockhausen have second and third by mere tenths of a percent. The three Primary competitors are Jeremiah Brown, Erik Platt, and Rick Nutt in order of placement.

Going over to gliders, Jason Stephens turned the tables on Kline Gilhousen in Unlimited. Jason won the Free program flight and moved ahead less than a percentage point in the overall standings. Sportsman has Steven Chandler first before Andrew Davis by half a percentage point, followed closely by Paul Jennings, Phillip Wilson, Jake Lowrie, and Joseph Pfeifer.

The schedule for today, Wednesday is to finish the Advanced, Intermediate, and Unlimited Unknown programs, then fly the Sportsman Free and Primary Flight II. If they get to it, we'll see whether the Sportsman Free program spreads the field a little bit. The nearest weather forecast from Dallas calls for a broken ceiling at 5000 feet and light winds.

Unlimited belongs to the ladies

Grayson County Airport had clear weather all day on Monday, enabling all scheduled flights of the Unlimited Known, Intermediate Known, and Advanced Free. Wind was howling, stiff, well, at least strong from the South-Southeast at fourteen knots most of the day. Temparatures peaked in the high eighties, with density altitude at about three thousand feet.

Contest Director Bob Stark called-in some provisional results for us. The Advanced free top places were Jeff Boerboon, Hector Ramirez, Pat Clark, and Todd Whitmer yielding overall top places to Jeff, Pat, and Todd. Unlimited power belongs to the ladies now, with Debby Rihn-Harvey, Chandy Clanton, and Vicki Cruse taking the top three spots on the known program. In Unlimited glider we have Kline Gilhousen ahead of Jason Stephens. Leaders of the Intermediate power known flight are Kevin Campbell, Don Hartmann, and Tom Rhodes. Intermediate glider brought Matt Taraborelli, Mark Matticola, and Eric Kuhn in the top three on the known.

Our score-keeper fell down dead at the hotel last night; but, came to life this morning and promised, as penance, to send the unknown programs to share along with the scores.

Today, Tuesday, may bring a weather front in the afternoon with associated clouds and thunderstorms that will delay the Advanced Unknown. Bob hopes to fly the Unlimited free and Sportsman known before the weather breaks. Sportsman may take longer to fly due to the number of competitors and ratio of competitors to airplanes. At 8:30am the airport has four miles visibility in mist; so, things have to heat up before they can get started.

Advanced Known

Thirty three pilots are competing in the Advanced category for the U.S. Nationals this year. Most are vying for a slot on the U.S. World Advanced Team. Provisional scores are now posted for the Advanced Known flight. (See Advanced Known.) As of now, Jeff Boerboon, Patrick Clark, Todd Whitmer, Tony Wood, Craig Dobesh, Robbie Gibbs, Hector Ramirez, Paul Lopez, Malcolm Pond, Brian Dierks, Norm DeWitt, Mike Forney, and Phil Schacht are together, in that order, within one hundred points of the lead.

The Pitts are holding their own against the Extra, Edge, MX, and Sukhoi airplanes. Of the pilots mentioned there are three flying Extra, three flying Edge, one MXR, one Sukhoi, and five Pitts. Jeff Boerboon is flying an Extra 300.

Speaking of airplanes, one pilot is flying Intermediate in a modified Taylorcraft. It has a set of custom made wings with symmetrical airfoil, an O-360 driving a wooden 3-blade fixed pitch prop, and a single stick in the center of the cockpit. The pilot sits in the center of the bench seat and uses the two outside rudder pedals.

Modified Taylorcraft
Jim Wells Modified Taylorcraft

First Flights

Thunderstorms remained well to the west in Texas today, Sunday, and the Advanced Known program flew to completion. Over thirty pilots have come to Grayson to compete for a place on the United States World team for a United States hosted AWAC. Scores on the web will be one day delayed. We hope to post scores for today's flights sometime tomorrow.

Practice Day

Sunny and clear all day at the Grayson County Airport for a full day of practice. Temperature a crisp 95 degrees yielding a density altitude, at the surface, of 3300ft.

Twelve figure free for AWAC team aspirants

The Board of the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) met on April 27 and 28, 2007 in Memphis, Tennessee. At the meeting, the Board elected to have U.S. Advanced Team aspirants fly a twelve-figure free sequence at the United States Nationals. Current IAC regional contest rules allow fifteen figures in an Advanced free.

Advanced category contestants not declaring for the Team may elect to fly a fifteen-figure free. Those who do so will not qualify for the world team and should not declare eligibility at registration.

The United States will host the Advanced World Aerobatic Championship in Pendleton, Oregon in August 2008.