2005 US National Aerobatic Championships

Scores & Sequences

Individual and Combined Flight Scores

1st Flight 2nd Flight 3rd Flight Combined Flights
Unlimited 4 Minute (TBLP)
Unlimited Known (TBLP / Range) Unlimited Free (TBLP / Range) Unlimited Unknown (TBLP / Range) Unlimited Overall
Advanced Known (TBLP / Range) Advanced Unknown 1 (TBLP / Range) Advanced Free (TBLP / Range) Advanced Overall
Intermediate Known (TBLP / Range) Intermediate Free (TBLP / Range) Intermediate Unknown (TBLP / Range) Intermediate Overall
Sportsman Known (TBLP / Range) Sportsman Free (TBLP / Range) Sportsman 3rd Flight (TBLP / Range) Sportsman Overall
Primary First Flight (TBLP) Primary Second Flight (TBLP Primary Third Flight Primary Overall
Glider Intermediate Known (TBLP / Range) Glider Intermediate Known 2 (TBLP / Range) Glider Intermediate Free (TBLP / Range) Glider Intermediate Overall
Glider Sportsman Known (TBLP / Range) Glider Sportsman Known 2 (TBLP / Range) Glider Sportsman Free (TBLP / Range) Glider Sportsman Overall
Advanced Team Unknown
*(TBLP / Range) Tarasov-Bauer-Long-Penteado Scores posted when available.    


Advanced US National Champions
Advanced World Aerobatic Team Selection
Unlimited National Champions
Intermediate National Champions
Sportsman National Champions
Primary National Champions
Glider Intermediate National Champions
Glider Sportsman National Champions

Advanced Unknown 1

Advanced Unknown 2

Unlimited Unknown


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